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Ah, the Potty Training days. Anybody remember those days or going through them currently? Jace is only a month old so we have a ways to go before we start training him and Sophia is 6 years old so she’s fully trained of course, but I like to be prepared in advance for things. I remember with Sophia potty training was such a huge challenge. One day she would want to use the potty, the next she didn’t. Then there was the challenge of keeping track of the time to bring her to the potty so she could try. You didn’t want to go to little because then she would just wet herself and wait to be changed as if it were a diaper. You go to much and she wouldn’t quite understand. It was just difficult. Treats would sometimes work and letting her have the cute character underwear as choice soon became incentives as well, but the overall process of potty training is a long and difficult one and I’m hoping it’s not as bad for when Jace reaches that stage. Well one option we have for when we get there is Potty Patrol!

Potty Patrol’s Potty Training Alarm Diapers are designed to notify you and your child when wetting occurs, so that you can place your child on the toilet immediately. Being placed on the toilet while the event is still fresh in your child’s mind helps them make the connection between cause and effect more quickly and effectively.

Wondering how to potty train your child with less hassle? Potty Patrol reduces the need for random sits on the potty during toilet training! Many children interpret this as punishment, because they don’t understand why they are confined to the potty for extended periods of time. Worse yet, if they don’t need to go to the bathroom at that time, they may feel they have failed, because they are unable to meet their parents’ expectations.Potty Patrol encourages success, because it ensures that children go to the bathroom for one purpose…to use it!

I was sent a boys starter kit for when Jace is ready for his potty training. Like I said, we have quite some time, but I do remember Sophia’s training quite well and it’s challenges. With her there was nothing like this that I knew or and if there was I didn’t have it. I wish I had a little alarm set up for her during her training; it would have made things a lot easier if I had to guess. The starter kit comes with everything you need to get started:

  1. POTTY PATROL TRAINING GUIDE Includes all the information you’ll need to use the Potty Patrol Starter Kit!
  2. 24 ALARM SENSOR DIAPERS Every starter kit contains 24 sensor diapers. When the blue sensor strips detect wetness, they trigger the Potty Patrol alarm to sound.
  3. POTTY PATROL ALARM Each starter kit includes one Potty Patrol alarm. Potty Patrol has an exclusive license to patent pending technology that helps avoid false alarms.
Put on diaper.
Place a Potty Patrol sensor diaper on your child with
the snaps and blue sensor strips in front.
Place your child on the toilet.
When the alarm sounds, immediately place your child
on the toilet while the event is still fresh in their mind.
Snap on alarm.
Snap the Potty Patrol alarm directly on to the front of the
diaper. The alarm is automatically activated once
it is snapped on.
Unsnap the alarm.
Once it has sounded, unsnap the alarm from the used diaper
to turn it off and reset it. It’s now ready to store or to be
snapped on a new diaper.
Listen for alarm.
Once it detects wetness, the alarm alerts parent
and child by playing a short siren followed by “Twinkle,
Twinkle Little Star,” twice.
Celebrate success!
Placing your child on the toilet immediately, will help them
link cause and effect more quickly and effectively and achieve
greater potty training success.

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Potty Patrol Alarm Diapers ~ Potty Training

Upon checking these out they’re pretty interesting. The sensor diapers remind me of the diapers Jace has now – how the strip detects wetness. Sophia didn’t have such diapers when she was a baby – they didn’t exist. With Jace, on the other hand, his diapers have a sensory strip which change color when his diapers are wet. So these potty training diapers are the same basic concept. Once they’re wet the alarm sounds so you know when to bring your child to the potty. As I said, it’s going to be some time before we fully test these out since Jace is quite young, but these do feel quite durable and like they’re decent quality. Would I recommend them? Definitely. I love the idea of the alarm during potty training!

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  • I learned that the alarm snaps on to the diaper , I wondering if it was built i or how it worked, seems like a great idea :)

  • I learned that the alarm snaps on to the diaper , I wondering if it was built i or how it worked, seems like a great idea :)

  • This will help keep the earth a little greener. Less waste.

  • Nana

    It helps to save the environment by reducing the amount of time your child spends using diapers

  • This will help keep the earth a little greener. Less waste.