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Know what? Babies are expensive! If you’ve got a new tiny one, I’m more than sure I don’t have to tell you that though! From the time we get pregnant, we spend money that we sometimes don’t have on them and it only gets worse as they get older. By the time that they’re in college, we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. Luckily, you’re here and if you’re here that means you’re a frugal person and you know that saving any kind of money is a great thing. That’s where these baby freebies come into play. Below you’ll find a huge amount of offers that will let you score at LEAST $1,091 in FREE baby samples!Remember, start requesting the freebies now so they’ll

Remember, start requesting the freebies now so they’ll arrive to your home in time for when your baby gets there!

As a new parent or expecting parent, the first thing I would advise you to sign up for is the 30 Days FREE to Amazon Mom ($8.25 value)

You can also see recent (and limited time) free samples offers in our “free baby samples” category here.

By the way, if you’re into the “all natural” thing, get the best in natural baby products at The Natural Baby Company!

This page is up to date. If a link is no longer valid – please report it so I can update it.


  1. American Baby Magazine
  2. Baby’s Dream Nursery Planner
  3. Books Every Month
  4. Free demo of Wiggle works
  5. Mothers Guide to Breastfeeding Book
  6. Sesame Street, Happy Healthy, ready for school program kits
  7. Free Books for Kids Ages 0-5 every month from Dolly Parton ($36.00 value per year based on $3.00 per book)


  2. Baby Coupons and Samples from Everyday Family
  3. Free Gymboree Class
  4. Free Ringling Bros Circus Ticket
  5. Huggies Diaper Coupons
  6. Orajel Coupons


  1. BabyLove Sample (Australia)
  2. Free Diapers and wipes from The Honest Company
  4. Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers and Natural Care Wipes
  5. Nuby Diaper Rash Cream
  6. FREE Earth Baby Compostable Diaper Sample
  7. Pampers Kandoo Super Powers Kit
  8. Pampers – Gifts to Grow Rewards Program
  9. FREE Size 1 Naty Eco Diapers for Becoming a Naty Ambassador (refer 3 friends)


  1. Earth’s Best Formula Sample
  2. Enfamil Beginnings Kit
  3. Gerber Backpack Filled w/ Samples
  4. Homemade Frozen Baby Food Sample (NJ Only)
  5. Natures One formula scoop
  6. NESTLE CERELAC Rice Infant Cereal (Australia)
  7. Parent’s Choice Formula Sample
  8. Simply Right Formula Sample
  9. Similac Mom Strong Club
  10. FREE Gerber Goodstart Sample Box from Amazon – Use Promo Code GOODSTART at checkout to get yours & you must be an Amazon Mom member. ($20 value)


  1. Babies Online
  2. Pea to Pumpkin Pregnancy Journal (California Only)
  3. Blog Account
  4. Similac Baby Journal app


  1. Baby Sleep Track MP3
  2. Sesame Street Fire Safety Songs and Stories


  1. Baby GaGa Pregnancy Calendar
  2. Earth Mama’s Free Birth Plan
  3. Mommy to Be Wrist Band


  1. Anbesol’s Baby Tooth Chart
  2. Baby Name Art
  3. Baby Sling from Seven Slings Use Code: ENBABY (pay Shipping)
  4. Baby Text Updates
  5. birth plan
  6. Breastfeeding Cover Use Code: MYSAVINGS (pay Shipping)
  7. Carseat Canopy Use Code: MYSAVINGS (pay Shipping)
  8. Create Baby Name Poll
  9. Free Goody Bag
  10. Free Birthday Phone call from Nick Jr. (no monetary value)
  11. Gerber Life Grow Up Plan
  12. Lansinoh Samples – You will have to send an email to [email protected]  with your name and mailing address to request a sample.
  13. Medihoney Barrier Cream Sample
  14. Milk Allergy Test
  15. Free Samples
  16. Online Birth Announcements & Samples
  17. Publix Baby Club: Free Baby Products and More (FL, GA, SC, AL and TN)
  18. Free Green Dot Pacifier With Built in Fever Alert Send an email to [email protected]
  19. $20.00 Free Credit to ThredUp – Just sign up to get yours. Use to get free baby or maternity clothing.


  1. Bundle of Joy Baby Registry
  2. FREE Target Baby Coupons & Registry (value varies)
  3. Amazon Baby Registry


  1. Breakaway Tassels For Blinds & Shades
  2. Cabinet Latch Starter Kit for Free
  3. Chicco Polly Highchair Recall: Free Peg Cover Kit


Welcome! From the White House 

Receive a  presidential  congratulations card  addressed to your new infant with official signature.

Send the baby’s full name, address, and birthdate and the parents’ complete name and address  to:

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Special Baby Discount

  1. Corner Stork Baby Gifts: Save 7% on orders of $100 or more this summer season on unique baby gifts. Use coupon code SUMMER7 at checkout.
  2. Bazzle Baby: Save $5 off your purchase of $20 or more. Use promo code SAVE5
  3. Baby Bin: Only pay for what you keep
  4. Get free shipping on any order of $75 or more from BunnyBerry when you use the coupon code FREE!
  5. Bebe Bella Rewards: Indulge your good taste and get rewarded for it with Bebe Bella Designs Rewards! Bebe Bella Rewards Benefits Include:
    • Free membership!
    • Earn 1 point for every dollar spent (excluding tax, shipping, and handling).
    • Receive members-only emails with exclusive offers.
    • Receive 20 points as our welcome gift to Bebe Bella Rewards!
    • Earn points for referring your friends.
    • The more you shop the more you earn.
    • Redeem points for amazing products. Points are good for one FULL YEAR! SIGNUP TO START EARNING YOUR REWARDS TODAY!
  6. Stoller Depot: 12% OFF Car Seats and Strollers
  7. Satsuma Designs: 15% off organic baby gifts and gear
  8. Ecocentric Mom: 40% off 1st box in any month-to-month subscription (Mom, Mom and Baby, Pregnancy)
  9. Get 15% Off Doodle Pants with coupon code DP15
  10. Free shipping for all orders of $29.99 or more at
  11. Lully: $20 Exclusive Discount for Sleep Guardian PLUS – Proven Night Terrors Solution
  12. 60% OFF on Adorable Pacifier Binky Clips. Shop Now at


  1. MiaMily Hipster Baby Carrier MiaMily Hipster is a versatile carrier that allows you to carry your baby 9 different ways (including front, forward facing, back, and hip carry positions).
  2. GreenKarma LLC Skin Care Products
  3. Crib Sheets, Portable Crib Sheets, Cradle Sheets, Bassinet Sheets, Round Crib Sheets, Oval Cradle Sheets, Youth Bed Sheets, Custom Size Sheets, and more!!!
  4. Baby Foot: Making the Untouchable Feet Touchable
  5. Get the best in natural baby products at The Natural Baby Company
  6. Baby Logic DVD
  7. Magic Beans Baby Gear
  8. Discover a monthly box of new goodies for you & baby. From pregnancy to preschool! Try bluum today!
  9. Our Green House – natural & organic products for the home and baby.
  10. Safety 1st: Top rated infant car seats to keep your kids safe @
  11. Bliss Living – Unique Baby Gifts & Children’s Room Decor
  12. Tactical Dad

Money Saving Advice:

1. Don’t bother with new unless you have to – Babies outgrow things at a truly alarming rate when you’re on a tight budget. Buying new for the vast majority of baby items just isn’t needed. Local thrift shops, garage sales and online buy/sell sites can typically net some really great deals.  Garage & Thrift Shops often have infant onesies, sleepers and socks for as low as 50¢ each so if you’ve only got $10.00 to spend, it will go a lot way.

*This is a sponsored ad.

If you’re shopping for gear  like a swing or bassinet, be sure you check with the manufacturer to see if there have been any recalls on the product. A lot of the time there will be, but no one realized it, so they’re selling what could be a dangerous item. One final option is to check out ThredUp. They don’t sell newborn items, but they do sell maternity clothing and infant sizes 12 months or larger. (Use THIS link to sign up and they’ll even give you a $10.00 (sometimes $20 depending on the day) free credit with no minimum purchase!) Schoola is another one of my favorites and they DO sell newborn items. Use THIS link and you’ll score a FREE $20.00 credit to use with no minimum purchase! For things like diaper rash creams and other ointments you may need, learn to make them yourself instead of buying them new. You’ll save so much money and you’ll know exactly what it is that you’re putting into and onto your child’s body.

There are 2 baby items you should NEVER buy used. NEVER buy a car seat or an outdated crib used. Newer cribs (within the last year or two) are fine as long as you perform safety checks on them, but used carseats are ALWAYS a no no. You have no way to tell if a car seat has been in an accident when you buy it new and honestly? I’m not willing to trust someone’s word for it with the life of my children. Once a car seat has been in an accident it is no longer usable and must be disposed of.

2. Barter for what you need – Have a friend who has a baby that is a few months older than yours?  Trade them for their gently used items. Check with them to see if  they have leftover diapers that their baby outgrew, clothing or even baby gear that they don’t use anymore.  Barter for something you can provide for them.  Babysitting, home cooked meals, crocheted Christmas gifts or even housecleaning are all easy to provide in exchange for needed items.

3. Go Cloth – Let’s face it…none of us really want to deal with the mess that cloth diapers can create, however, they can be extremely budget friendly over the 2-3 years that your baby is in diapers. You won’t need much to get started, just the diapers, diaper covers and a pail to keep dirty ones in until they are washed and most of them will last years if they’re cared for correctly.  If you’re not looking to buy them, grab a few yards of cloth and some online tutorials and you can even sew your own if you are handy with a needle and thread.

Talk to your local pregnancy crisis center -Most communities have a pregnancy crisis center in town that is owned by a church or religious group. If you’re low income to begin with, these centers often have programs that you can participate in to earn points. Those points can then be exchanged for things like new cribs or clothing.

3. Breastfeed if possible –  Aside from any health debates, breastfeeding really is the most cost effective way to feed your baby. Formula will cost you a boatload of cash for that first year and breastfeeding can save that money.   A quality breast pump can cost upwards of $150-$200 dollars out of pocket but most of them can be reused for multiple children so its a worthwhile investmnet.  If you truly can’t afford one, ask your OBGyn for recommendations on Le Leche League contacts in your area that might put you in touch with someone who will allow you to “rent” a pump for a much lower cost out of pocket.  Again, if you’re low income, you can check with the local WIC office to see if they can help you with a breast pump. Sometimes they will and sometimes they can’t.

Closet of Free Samples Tips on How To Find Free Baby Samples

Below are some tips and guidelines you should follow to get tons of free samples online!

  • There are a number of ways that you can get free baby products to sample. Your hospital or doctor’s office is a great place to start looking for products. All you have to do is ask for samples, and they’ll gladly give you some in the office. You can also sign up for a baby’s club where you can get samples sent in the mail.
  • There are a-lot of baby companies today that give out out free products. You’ll have to visit the company’s website and register your information. When the company sends out free product samples, you will automatically be able to get them in the mail.
  • Use! Visit our site daily and go through the baby category! We update our site daily by adding new offers! Closet of Free Samples is one of the most up to date freebie sites on the internet!
  • Get a Free Email Account and use it just for your freebie hunting. Gmail is awesome, it’s easy to use! Never use your personal every-day email address when signing up for freebies – unless you want a mailbox full of spam!
  • BEST TIP! Sign up for a lot of offers. Unfortunately, since not every offer will be sent out, signing-up for as many offers as possible will increase your chances of success. Here at sample Buddy we do an awesome job filtering out fake offers and only posting the ones that look legit and we believe will get delivered to you.
  • When looking for free baby products don’t fall for gimmicky offers that make you buy into other products! you shouldn’t have to pay for another product to get a free sample!
  • Don’t ever use a credit card! Free Samples are meant to be absolutely 100% FREE! That means no shipping and handling cost should be added!
  • Free Samples without surveys – Most of the offers on are without surveys or participation! some companies require a 5 – 10 question survey to better learn about their consumers, but you won’t find never ending surveys on our site.
  • Free Samples with no shipping – To reiterate you shouldn’t have to pay any shipping when requesting free samples by mail!
**All items listed are good to our knowledge, however, if you find soemthing that is expired, please send a quick email letting us know which offer along with the link so we can make the appropriate update to remove it from the list.
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