Thank you for coming to read my review about Royal Honda. While my overall experience was still disappointing, we were able to talk to the GM this morning (Saturday 10/20) who was a VERY NICE man who listened to what we had to say. He apologized and gave us no hassle to back out of our contract so we could be on our way. He did not keep us waiting. So in a good faith effort in respect to this man who backed out of our contract, knowing he did not have to, I wanted to remove my negative post about this out of respect for him and to show my appreciation.

If anyone cares to know about my experience, feel free to email me at closetsamples@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to share it with you there. My review is and was not to reflect the GM, Wayne, in any form. I wanted results and I got them.

So thank you for your support in the matter and thank you Wayne for resolving our problems.

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