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*This is a sponsored ad.


I've had several people ask me how they could help support me by using my affiliate links. Basically you're paying me, but it's not coming out your pocket! Generally if you just do a click sign up for things, I get paid and I tried to incorporate these throughout posts.  One place you can find them are the advertisements you see in the sidebar, those are affiliates for me. Coupon sites such as


Smart Source


are also affiliates for me. You know stores listed under the "shop deals" drop down menu? Those are also affiliates that I get credit for if you go shopping there. Basically they're throughout all over if you look. I would love to make a list to post ALL of them, but unfortunately that's not technically okay to do, so I won't do it.


So here's an easy way to tell if you're supporting me or if the link is affiliated with me or not. If the link looks anything along the lines like these (they each are unique for each promo) then they are of course affiliate link. You will know that because when you hover over a link with your mouse at the bottom of your browser (mine shows on the left, some will appear to the bottom right) it WILL show you where the link goes to. So if they look like these in some way, they're affiliates:




A link that's not affiliated will look like a regular link when hovered over like this:

*This is a sponsored ad.




So I hope this info helps you out and you'll be happy to help out a little more. Thank you to all who support me and this site!