sunscreen samples
***Please note, if any of these are no longer good let me know so the link can be removed. We compiled this list quite some time back and it may be outdated. Thanks!

Lubrizol – Free Different Sunscreen Samples. This is the request form to fill out and this is the product list.
HAWAIIAN TROPIC – Go to contact form HERE and kindly ask for a sample of their product. Most companies will send you a sample and coupon.

ePromos (Needs a business name) They have various free samples of promotional sunscreen products. Just click on one that you want and click on sample request.


Bluesodapromo (needs a business name) go here and choose a low cost sunscreen sample, click on it then the next page has a sample request button.


BRIDE VILLAGE – They have personalized sunscreen favors for your wedding. Contact them to see if they will send you a free sample!


KIEHL’S.com – If you register here they are suppose to send out samples during the year.


MALIBU SUN – Go here to their contact form and kindly ask them for a free product sample. 


COPPERTONE– Professionals can call 1-866-288-3330 to get free sample packets and consumers can call here 866-288-3330  to request free samples.


PURE SOURCE – The Pure Source, based in Miami, Florida, is a private label contract manufacturer of sunscreen. Go here to their contact form and request free sunscreen samples.


JERGENS – Go here to their contact form and request some free samples of their self tanners and sunblock.


BULL FROG SUN BLOCK – Go here to the contact form and request a free sample of their sunblock.


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NEUTROGENA – Go here to the contact form and request a free sample of their sun products. You can also go here for rebates and coupons.


BANANA BOAT – Go here to the contact form to request free samples. 


Green People No Scent Children’s Sun Lotion SPF25 – The page says you can go here and request samples of Green Sun Lotion.


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