If you’ve fallen in love with finding hidden jewels in your scents like I have, you may want to consider becoming a jewelscent consultant. In this post I will review the benefits of earning discounts and money with the JewelScent company. There are two ways you can earn with JewelSce: become a rep or simply by sharing your referral link to invite friends, family, etc.. Let me explain the difference between the two.



Share & Earn

One of the easiest ways to earn free or discounted candles is by sharing and inviting your friends. You’ll find social media links like facebook, twitter & pinterest throughout the site or you may choose to email in the back office. It’s so easy to earn 10% credit on all of your future orders from everyone you’ve invited, forever. These credits quickly add up and are automatically applied to your account for free or reduced jewel sent candles for you!


Become A Rep

Another great way to earn discounted scents is by becoming a jewelscent consultant. Consultants not only earn a 20% discount on their own purchases but cash as well. This will be your business and you can choose how to sell the jewelry scents as long as it complies with the company rules. The website states they are a digital business but you can certainly have home or office parties, make sales flyers, get creative and have fun. You may choose to grow your business on the internet by managing your own mini website sharing your personal web links though social media etc. This is an awesome opportunity to earn discounts and money doing something you enjoy.


This photo belongs to another JewelScent rep – just shows the honest truth in how their rings are!


What sets JewelScent apart?

In other words, how does JewelScent compare to other candle companies?


1. You do not have to become a Consultant to start earning with JewelScent. You can register as a Member (no fee- just enter your email and choose a password) and you will get your own micro-site to share JewelScent with friends and family. You will earn 10% from people you refer directly to JewelScent in JewelScent credit! Use that JewelScent credit toward your future JewelScent purchases!


2. If you want to earn cash instead of credit, sign up as a JewelScent Consultant. Purchase our starter kit & begin sharing. JewelScent Consultants receive 20% on personal retail sales (more if your sales exceed $1000 in a given month) and then earn 5% on the residual value sales of your direct JewelScent Consultants (those whom YOU have sponsored) and 5% on their (your direct JewelScent Consultants) consultants!


3. The BIGGIE!!! JewelScent has A FOREVER Model! What is that? Once your introduce a customer to JewelScent, their future purchases always pay you commission- FOREVER! JewelScent does this so that a bunch of consultants are not continually competing for the same member. So they adopted a “first come, first serve” policy.  So Since JewelScent is constantly re-marketing to the entire JewelScent customer base online, in print, on Facebook and paid media, YOU can earn commissions on THEIR internal marketing efforts. LOVE it!


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HOW TO Become A Rep

1. Visit www.jewelscent.com/closetsamples and sign up as my member (it doesn’t cost a thing to sign up!)


2. Once you have signed up and are logged in, click “become a rep” from the home page. This will give you all the information about being a consultant and how you can earn money!


3. Once you sign up, I will be linked as your sponsor and will be there to help you navigate your new business along with a great training and support team!

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  • I never knew that you could be a Jewel Scent Consultant. That sounds so interesting. I have been thinking about being a consultant for one of these companies just don’t know which to choose. I have tried their candles before and I really think they are pretty.

    • Ashley

      I love this company! No minimum needed for payouts to be made and you ALWAYS get discounts! You get your regular discount + any sale discount. If you ever want to give them a try I’d be happy to help you out!