Backpack Wine ~ Canned Wine #Review

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Have you heard about Canned Wine yet? The Canned Wine category offers portable, shareable wines that are easy to pair with casual or fine dining options. For reference, a recent report noted that the Canned Wine category experienced a 122.5% increase from 2015 – 2016, making it a $14-15 million dollar industry to date. So “Skip the Cork”® and grab a pack of Backpack Wine! The

The Chicago-based Backpack debuted in September and is available in two blend varieties, Cheek Rose® and Snappy White® (rose and white wine), in four-can packs. Backpack Wines are sourced from great vineyards and packaged in recyclable cans that are ready for any occasion: from tailgating to the ski slopes, from your go-to BYOB brunch spot or for an afternoon on the river. Backpack Wine offers a unique combo of great-tasting, quality wine in an approachable, rebellious and fresh manner.

What I think

As a wine lover, I was super excited about these wines! My problem is, as much as I love wine, I don’t drink it enough for a full bottle for just myself. Sure, I get full bottles because that is what they have available, but at the most, I drink half a bottle and the rest goes to waste because once they are open they are only good for a few days and I am the only one in my house who enjoys wine. The cans are a convenient size so I do not feel as though I am wasting any wine. Each can holds 250 ml or one-third of a standard bottle. Most establishments pour four glasses out of a bottle (some penny-pinching establishments may try to stretch it to five). Each Backpack can has a single, generous pour by restaurant standards.

I was sent the two current available flavors to try out: Cheeky Rose and Snappy White.

Cheeky Rose is crafted for a palate that is a bit more advanced than the average jug wine quaffer. It is clean and clear with high acidity from the base pinot blanc used. This white grape also adds some mineral characteristics. A dash of Sangiovese gives color to be sure but it also adds something floral, like rose petals. It also add some hints of strawberry. You may detect other red fruits. Everyone’s taste is different; all that matters is that you enjoy it wherever you go. Cheeky Rose pairs nicely (as they say) with Italian, Mexican or Spanish food too.

The Snappy White is a riesling-based wine with a touch of pinot blanc. It has a touch of sweetness and weight that finishes with refreshing acidity. This balanced white delivers notes of green apple and Asian pear, making it perfect for cocktail hour or with spicy summer dishes.

It should be noted that BOTH of Backpack’s current wines are best enjoyed COLD. The white and rose versions both need a good chill. The good news is that even a warm can will chill quickly in the fridge or in an ice bucket — far faster than a bottle of wine. Both of these wines are food friendly. Try Cheeky Rosé with Italian, Mexican and Spanish food. Snappy White has a hint of sweetness but is crisp and light. Try it with salads and with anything with a little spiciness.

I tried both cans and wow! It doesn’t taste like typical canned beverages. Each have a fresh and unique taste to them while still maintaining a good wine quality. No need to for an aerator or glass either – unless you want them of course! Honestly, I was expecting to have some sort of odd taste to these because of the can, but there wasn’t. I’m thoroughly impressed with the wine and look forward to trying new flavors!