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*This is a sponsored ad.

As I’ve grown over the years I have gotten plenty of various advertising requests from links, blog posts, product reviews, and giveaways. You can purchase each option right away or you can contact me with any questions or if you’re looking for a customized package by using the contact form below.

To help offset my blogging expenses and get paid for my time I have the following advertising fees set in place:

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Advertise Your Link

The sponsor Links section is located in the footer of the site and has open exposure on the homepage as well as all individual blog post pages. If you would rather just a homepage option; we offer that as well. I will need the title and link to be used for this option.

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Submit a Guest Post or Get A Product Review

Product reviews are a great way to spread the word about your business to new customers! Whether big or small, local or overseas, I am open to trying new things of all sorts: Family, Kids, Home Décor, Jewelry, Odds & Ends, Unique, Handmade, Computer Software, Electronics, Clothing, Shoes, Adult products, Accessories, Food, Candy, Beauty Supplies, etc – the list could go on forever! IF you would like me to review a product from your company (and give one away if you choose to), I would be more than happy to do so. Some product reviews are free, others I may charge for, depending on the item. Here are my requirements:

  1. I get to keep the item sent. No returning the product.
  2. It must be a full sized item. Sample/Trial sizes are simply not worth my time.

Please note: If you insist on sending a sample sized item, It will require a fee of $100 for my time and expenses.

If we do a giveaway, your company is required to cover the shipping cost to the giveaway winner.

Each post I do for my reviews are permanent and will never be removed. I also link back to your site and include my own personal images to show I really do have the product and am using it – which I believe to be more attractive for my readers to know they are getting real first-hand experience.

*Please note that all products sent are kept. I do not return them unless we are exchanging a different size or defective product. If for some reason we have come to terms where I send anything back, all shipping + time compensation will need to be paid in full prior to the item(s) return. I promise to provide a honest review, but if I cannot give it a fully positive rating, I will let you know prior to posting. If you do not want the post written because of my feelings towards it, I will not post it, but please note, I do still keep the product.


*This is a sponsored ad.

Posting a review to your Ebay or web store are always 100% FREE. Some items I do charge for due to my time restraint to make it a priority or potential unknown effects, such as health supplements and eBooks. However, that fee is totally separate than for posting on here.

**I will review some items 100% free on my blog depending on the product and/or value. If you would like me to consider posting for free, please email me using the contact form below. If I contact a company about doing a product review on my own, then I am doing it free of charge.

Submit Guest Post + Product Review Request
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Social Shares

This is for a share on my social media. You will get only one share unless otherwise specified.

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Advertising Inquiry

Further questions or special requests? Contact me!

What type of advertising are you interesting in?
Any Special Requests?


What is your completion time?
This depends on what we are doing. Guest posts are generally 24-48 hours once a cleared payment is received. For product reviews, paid options are completed within 10-business days and non-paid reviews are done once my paid reviews are completed. Generally they are done pretty quick, but the paid reviews do take priority over non-paid.

Are your links follow or do follow?

This is for us to discuss if you have a preference. I allow both types of links in my post. However, I only allow choice preference for paid options.

Do you offer any discounts?

Sometimes I do, but it really depends on what you are getting. If you are doing multiple advertising packages, then I can look into cutting you a small deal. Keep in mind, the fees I receive help pay to keep this site running so I can’t offer large discounts. Also, product review prices are firm because of the work involved.

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**Please note all Payments are required BEFORE any post is made. All sales are final.